Vocare in Mississippi
What do I bring with me to Vocare?
Vocare is held at Camp Bratton-Green, which is a rustic setting with cabin living and lots of indoor-outdoor opportunities. Here’s a list to go by when packing for Vocare.

You’ll need:
* Bedding for a single bed, including a pillow. Sleeping bags are fine.
* Comfortable and casual clothes and shoes. Layering is a good way to be ready for any type of weather. We are inside and outside during days and nights of the weekend so you will want to pack according to your comfort needs.
* Toiletries, towels, soap.
* Personal items you can’t live without for the weekend. But remember, you’ll be busy so don’t load up on things you won’t touch for three days.

What if I have other questions?
Call or email one of us.