Vocare in Mississippi

Cornerstone provides a community within Mississippi to help you keep your spiritual journey on course.

Through statewide gatherings, Vocati (those who have experienced Vocare) come together, often at the same time as a Vocare weekend is scheduled, to pray and provide service to Vocare and to continue the growth revitalized during the Vocare experience. The statewide gatherings are organized around a spiritual theme and designed and run by Vocati.

The hope is that these weekends enable participants to continue their growth while at the same time providing ongoing service and support to Episcopal endeavors under way in Mississippi. It could be a weekend spent working at Camp Coast Care with ongoing Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, a quiet, contemplative exploration of the many facets of centering prayer, or providing special assistance to a parish, mission or program within the state.

Cornerstone also involves regional and neighborhood gatherings for fun and community between these service weekends. These smaller Cornerstone events include anything from a weekly Bible study to a monthly supper club. The gatherings are designed to promote development of ties among Vocati that continue a lifetime and help bind individuals not only to each other but also to churches in that geographic area.

Lauren Wainwright of Hattiesburg is the state coordinator for Cornerstone and is currently building a statewide network to better serve young adults--personally and electronically--wherever you are in Mississippi.